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What To Focus On In Business to Overcome Overwhelm

As leaders and entrepreneurs who are in a position of influence we must be able to manage our time and conquer the overwhelm that comes with the do list. We also must focus and remove the distractions that come at us. Here’s a simple way to get focused and to know what to focus on in your business…


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Be Blessed!

Mia Davies

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Creating a Virtual Business Where You Can Work From Anywhere

Most of the world will tell you it’s impossible yet many are experiencing the power of having a virtual time freedom business working from anywhere. ¬†Here’s a quick message on how to make that possible from the golf course in San Diego

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Be Blessed!

Mia Davies

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Business and Stewardship Lessons From Mercedes

Leader and entrepreneurs need to be good stewards of the gifting we have been given. To be a good steward we can’t be caught up in looking good, impressing people, and living outside our means. Here’s a little lesson from a recent experience with the Mercedes brand.


If you’re not creating wealth then there’s not much to steward. So start using your talents and skills to make an impact and create wealth there’s never been a better time than now to leverage the Internet age. Get the steps to success online¬†with my new business workshop and get going :)

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