Building a House On a $16 Million+ Dollar Piece of Property

The land alone where this house is being built is valued at over $16 million dollars but the house that’s being built will be worthless without this one thing…the same applies to our life :)


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Keep Shining!

Mia Davies


February 25, 2014 2:31 pm Published by | 7 Comments

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  • Aaron Burton says:

    Awesome video!

  • JeffCaliguire says:

    Agree! Love it. Great visual and great reminder Mia! So challenged by your video messages lately to build my business on THE foundation the way you are. May your tribe increase and your message spread around the globe!

  • Erika Wilmore- Social Media Ge says:

    I love this message. Even for people who are simply spiritual and know God as the Universe, this message is priceless. Foundation is key and there is no rock more solid than the Almighty. Much Love!!

  • Vickie says:

    Love this message! Solid rock, solid foundation

  • Thanks for sharing this inspiring video Mia. I am very familiar with the
    scripture in Matthew, and agree that without God’s word to whole up our lives, we have no foundation. I would also say that anyone who does not have this critical foundation is living dangerously.

  • BOOM! Nothing more to add. Powerful message ESPECIALLY being on that location!

  • Thanks for you inspiring messages Mia, especially for keeping them centered in the Word of God.

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