Kyani International Review – A Blueberry Beverage Worth Thinking About?

What is Kyani International?

Equip with a bold website and an experienced executive team, Kyani International is an MLM company who is responsible for creating a beverage that centers its focus on the power of the blueberry.

            Some evidence suggests that the consumption of antioxidant fruits like the blueberry may lower the risk of cancer, and it is on this assumption, which the FDA does not approve due to inconclusive evidence, that Kyani has founded its business model. Just as many other MLM companies, Kyani International operates on a wholesale and distribution basis and you, the salesperson or associate, are tasked with generating leads, acquiring more associates, and closing sales with retail locations.


Kyani International scam?

Kyani International is not a scam. They are a legitimate business opportunity, and they clearly outline all aspects of their opportunity on their website and in their prospective associate material. Understanding the Kyani business model, as with most MLM companies, is quite simple and should take relatively little time to figure out by reading their online literature.


Why do so many MLM companies sell beverages?

MLM companies are focusing on the energy/fruit drink market because, well, it’s a good market to be in. People buy energy drinks and fruit tonics all the time, and you don’t have to sell too many to make a decent profit. Consumers are always interested in trying something new, and over-saturating the energy drink market is thought to be virtually impossible by some business gurus. You also have to consider all the competition you have if you are getting involved in another “me too” product.


Should you join Kyani International?

Do your research. Hone your skills. Discover your potential strengths and weaknesses. After you have put together a battle plan, then begin asking yourself about whether or not you should work with a specific company. Did I decide to work with Kyani International? No, I didn’t. Does that mean that you should not work with Kyani International? Not at all.

            You must take several things into account when you’re picking an MLM company. The most important is that you are attached to and passionate about the product. The company history, executive team, and length the company has been in operation are important, but these factors are not quite as important when compared to your motivation for making this particular product succeed.


Will Kyani’s products sell?

This question really depends on you. Selling a Kyani product is something that will require diligence and a working knowledge of online attraction marketing.

            Put simply, the blueprint for creating successful businesses in the MLM industry is rapidly changing. The internet has created a space so full of advertisements and information that forging a unique and attractive persona for you and your business is more important than ever. Understanding the skills necessary to compete with other well-armed businesspeople is the only weapon you will have in this globally competitive market.

            When all is said and done, no matter what industry you choose to work in, attraction marketing is a skill set that will allow you to dominate the market regardless of your prior expertise.

Success through the Kyani business model will depend much less on Kyani’s products, and much more on you. If you want to succeed, you need to learn how to efficiently, creatively, and effectively market your product on the internet. Get your step-by-step guide to internet marketing right here.








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